The London Sea Shanty Collective – With One Eye on Tradition and the Other to the Future

Founded in 2017 and meeting in Dalston, London, each week, we’re a community choir who love singing together and keeping shanties and songs of the sea alive and relevant to today.

Almost everything we sing has been arranged, sometimes with a contemporary twist, by our members who have also expanded our repertoire by writing new songs and, in one case, a Shanty / Folk Opera (The Earl de Grey).

As a non-auditioning community choir, we are open to everyone and made up of a mix of women and men of all ages from around the world who are committed to social justice, equality – and the joy of singing together, be it in English, French, Breton, Welsh, Cornish or Swedish.

It’s a joy and cameraderie that we love to share. So, we’ve sung in pubs and clubs, churches and cathedrals, on ships and barges, in national museums and the British Library. We’ve performed in the UK and Ireland to crowds and congregations, to festival goers and charity fund-raisers, to lifeboat crew and the naval chiefs of numerous nations, to name but a few.

And the best times are when everyone joins in!

 If you like what you hear, do enquire here about booking us or joining us.