People singing on ZOom

Our online singaround is at 7pm UK time on Saturdays, with a community of singers from around the world. Singers, listeners and lurkers are all welcome. The singaround is now being hosted by Folk London magazine – please contact them for the Zoom details.. 

The theme is “shanties and sea songs” but we welcome anything else people feel like singing. Especially the classics! If the only shanty you know is South Australia or Leave Her Johnny or the Mingulay Boat Song, please sing it.

Our only firm rule is: please do not sing songs with racist lyrics. Several of our members have said it makes them uncomfortable. Racism has been brought to the fore in much of what’s going on around us – the least we can do is be a welcoming and joyful space for everyone who wants to take part! If you’re not sure whether a particular song might cross the line, please ask.