Me a Moaz

Words: traditional Cornish
Music: Simon Lockley arr. Jim Causley and Hilary Coleman

An old riddle song that we learned from the singing of Jim Causley, who mingles it with Charles Causley’s poem Dan Dory.

St Ives harbour

Me a moaz, a me a moaz, a me a moaz in goonglaze,
Me a clouaz, a clouaz, a clouaz, a troz, an pysgaz miniz.
Bez mi a trouviaz un pysg brawze naw losia,
Olla boble en Porthia ne mi nôr dho gan zingy.

As I was going out on the green downs,
I heard the sound of little fishes.
But I found one big fish with nine tails,
And all the people of St Ives couldn’t catch it.)